Lassiter’s Alcohol Awareness Assembly

Nyra Pasha
Staff Writer
Lassiter’s Alcohol Awareness Assembly
A few weeks ago, HOSA, Science National Honor Society, the Future Physicians club, and Computer Science club hosted an assembly regarding alcohol awareness. The assembly discussed the issues and legal repercussions of underage drinking, as well as the medical issues it causes. Neel Iyer, the secretary of the Health Occupations Students of America or HOSA, was interviewed about his thoughts on the event. When asked about why it is important to inform people about these issues he replied, “I think it’s important because alcohol related incidents cause so many teenage deaths every year.” Every year, more than 4,300 teenagers die from excessive drinking in the United States alone. At the assembly, students were able to participate in a field sobriety test simulation.They were able to wear a “drunk suit” to experience what it is like to be intoxicated. Iyer claimed that this was his favorite part of the assembly. He explained, “Putting on the drunk suit myself was really fun. I did horrible and really understood how hard it is to even stand normally when ‘drunk’”. The assembly was informative and taught students that the effects of alcohol are too large to risk doing anything under the influence.