Armor Up Trojans

Rachel Lemmy

Blog Editor-in-Chief & Comedy Section Editor

The Lassiter School Store had its grand opening on Wednesday, October 24th. The school store is bringing back the opportunity for Trojans to armor up for school. The Lassiter School Store offers tons of great items that every Trojan will love. Students can come before school, and during ASE and advisement, to room 502 to find some gear to show their Lassiter school spirit. The hero behind the reopening of the school store is Mrs. Griffin, the marketing and DECA teacher. This is the first time the seniors will see the school store as it closed the year before they entered Lassiter.

The school store is an amazing opportunity for Trojans to support and represent Lassiter. Trojans can armor up in apparel, accessories, tech gadgets, and more. The school store also offers easily available drinks and snacks that students love for an affordable price. So when you need to buy a quick snack or drink that will get you through the day, come in and check out the new store. The students are so excited to finally see what the school store offers and they will not be disappointed. The school store is located in the business hall, and if you still do not know where that is, then you can follow the yellow arrows on the ground. Senior, Ashton Ritch, said this about the school store, “I am so excited to finally have a school store! It is so convenient.” Show some Lassiter spirit by armoring up and representing Trojan nation.