Almost There: Building Perception

Luci Wilgus

Guest Writer

In Lassiter Drama’s upcoming show, Almost Maine, there are several short love stories all linked together. One of these stories is in a scene titled “They Fell,” which revolves around two characters named Deena and Shelly. The nature of John Cariani’s writing offers an important perspective to aid in the development of our community as a whole. As someone who has been involved in theatre for eleven years and literature since I could read, I have consumed quite a bit of media; very few pieces I have ever read have been quite as progressive in their representations of the LGBTQ community. These two women are presented just the same as any straight couple in the show, and this kind of indifferent respect is exactly what we as a community should note. For perspective, say our collective world view is represented by notes on a page; one would add emphasis to important topics. A majority of people like to highlight LGBTQ people, instead of underlining them. It is important to recognize others in a non-abrasive way. Yes, we have done an amazing job because so many people are openly identifying themselves, however it is important that we see this not as an invitation, but as information. We do not need to highlight people based on any part of their orientation. Instead we should focus on highlighting people based on their actions. So, when you come to see the show in November, consider the perspective in which you view those around you.