Staying safe when you go out

Cassie Montgomery

A&E Editor

Safety should always be your main priority when going out, whether it be to a party, concert, or festival. Follow these few tips to stay safe and be prepared in case anything happens.

1. Go with a friend. Try to find someone to go with, especially if the concert or party venue and people are unfamiliar to you. There is safety in numbers.

2. Always bring a charged phone and charger. If something happens, like getting separated from a friend or wanting to go home early, you should have someone to call and meet up with. If your phone dies, have a back-up charger. You should not be left in a situation where you cannot contact someone.

3. Know exactly where you are going and how you are getting home. You want to make sure you have back-up ride home for you and your friend just in case something happens to your first ride or you just want to leave early.

4. Have a reliable driver if your friends are old enough to drive and can drive others legally.

5. Wear comfortable walking shoes, especially at concerts or music festivals. Comfort is more important than style at events that require a lot of walking. Closed-toed shoes are also safer in a very crowded place or a place serving drinks and food.

6. Carry your purse/bag/wallet in front of you instead of behind you to prevent pickpocketing. Also, do not carry too much money.

7. Never leave your drink unattended. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people you cannot trust. Keep your drink and food with you at all times.

8. If driving home late, be more cautious on the road then you would be normally. No matter how good a driver you are, roads are more dangerous at night and not everyone is as careful as they should be.

9. NEVER text and drive.

Stay safe and have fun, everyone!