Quest for the best: new fall TV

Wambui Chege

Sports & Health Editor

New Fall TV Its nearly fall, and along with the leaves changing color, warm sweaters, and apple cider, comes the arrival of some of the most anticipated shows of the year. Most broadcasting and cable networks choose this time of year to debut the seasons of their most popular shows, as they know more people will be watching. However, tech titans such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have also entered the fall TV industry. With these two sources of great television, fall viewers are excited now more than ever for the new seasons to start rolling. Though most do not enjoy the wait time of a week between every episode, there are still some shows airing on broadcast TV networks that are worth it. A Million Little Things on ABC is the newest primetime show that the network is releasing this fall, on September 24th. Based on a very real and current epidemic, the characters of the show react to the loss of a loved one through suicide, and the show follows each person their own healing process. FBI on CBS also has its debut this fall, airing on September 25th. Though many claim that the producers became lazy with the name, critics at Business Insider claim that the show gives the audience a new perspective on the female side of law enforcement. Besides these new and improved shows, there
are also the classic returning shows that are drawing viewers back to the networks. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returned to FX on September 5th, along with American Horror Story: Apocalypse which aired on September 12th. The networks also brought back their highest viewed shows such as The Good Doctor and Grey’s Anatomy on ABC, and This is Us on NBC. All of these shows, new and returning, will provide quality entertainment for a relaxing night this
fall. Viewing shows through broadcasting networks has always been thought of as the way to watch television, but now streaming goliaths such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have all begun to take over the television game. Shows such as The Maniac and Made in Mexico on Netflix are the types of shows that viewers can binge watch and not feel too bad. Based in the future, The Maniac tells the story of a society that has been hidden from the world in chaos in order to preserve peace and tranquility in their own environment. Based in modern day Mexico City, Made in Mexico is a globalized telenovela that shares the drama facing some of Mexico’s wealthiest families. Both of these shows air on September 24th. The tech titans are also bringing back some of their most viewed shows, such as Atypical and Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix, King Lear on Amazon, and Empire on Hulu. Each streaming platform has managed to create shows
that always leave the audience on the edge of their seat, and luckily viewers don’t have to wait a week to watch the next episode. Each platform of television, whether broadcasting or streaming, are each trying to top the charts with the most number of viewers. This has lead to the creation of dramatic, engaging, action-filled shows that will keep the viewers asking for more. Fortunately for these platforms, fall is one of the best seasons to debut a show as viewers are excited to escape the fall chill and enjoy their favorite shows.