New Clubs at Lassiter This Year

by Janalyn Lilya

Centerspread Editor

This year at Lassiter, one club in particular has gained a lot of new interest. The Modern Myths and Conspiracy Theory Club was created by a group of juniors. The president is Carolina Moeller with vice president Audrey Regan. When asked about how they felt creating a club, Audrey said, “It was way more work than I expected to start a club. Worrying about dues, the club constitution, if we would have enough members, and a teacher to sponsor us was all a lot of work. I definitely did not realize how much of a time commitment it was going to be.” The idea behind the club is to openly debate and discuss conspiracy theories. Their mission is “to promote free thought and discussion, bring people together with different ideas, and to develop individual opinions in a safe environment.” Their first meeting was a huge success and had about 50 students show up. Every meeting one or two students researches a topic and creates a powerpoint and just explains some basic details of the theory. The rest of the meeting is an open discussion about people’s individual thoughts on the topic. The club is held in Ms. Bradley’s room 1205 every Thursday after school.

One club that began part way through last year is Stop the Madness. The club’s mission is to promote awareness of sex trafficking and to help to raise money against it. The founders are two sisters, Brooke and Michelle Hudson. They meet monthly in Ms. Etters room. One member of the club said, “I joined thinking it was not that bad, but quickly realized how bad sex trafficking is in the world today. I feel like the club is a nice way to feel like I am helping out even if it is with small donations.” The club hopes to continue to gain members and hold more drives to raise money and awareness for sex trafficking.

Teen Advisory Council is another newly created club at Lassiter. Their focus is to fight against teen and young adult prescription drug addiction. Their motto is “not even once.” To them, this stands for not even trying drugs or illegal substances once. They host many events throughout Red Ribbon Week, including dress up days to spread awareness. Coach Brunner and Ms. Young are the sponsors. The meetings are in room 926 as needed.

Pay it Forward is a service club at Lassiter. They just had their first informational meeting of the year, and are excited for their upcoming events. The club is centered around giving back to the community and school through service. Students involved have the opportunity to tutor kids, serve at Must Ministries, mentor special needs children and many other great service events. Ms. Fross is the teacher sponsor and they meet every other Thursday in the social workers office.