Labor Day is No Lie

by Helena Karas


Staff Writer

Beginning school after Labor Day, otherwise known as the Holy Grail for high school students, is triumphantly striding its way into Georgia legislation plans. This unattainable, elusive idea that Cobb County administration has dangled in front of its students’ faces for years might finally come to fruition in the upcoming year. Of course, the average student looks at this news with a triumphant grin and thoughts of an eternal summer with unbothered sleep. However, Senate Majority Whip Steve Gooch (with his doozy of a title) also expresses some justifiable reasons in converting Georgian public schools to this wrench of a schedule. Even though this potential uniform start date might interfere with the inescapable juggernaut that is the Cobb County school district, August 1st, the infamous Day of Judgement for most high school students, might finally be vanquished with Gooch’s council.

According to Gooch, the esteemed man all Cobb County high school students are rooting for, “As we celebrate Labor Day each year as the unofficial end of summer…most of our public schools have been back in full swing for nearly a month.” However, it must be noted that Gooch’s disruptive start date was not addressed to end student suffering. On the contrary, a few subtle, yet powerful points made it to the list: August energy bills, sport’s injuries, and student safety. All things that are compromised with August’s infamous heat, subsequent heat strokes, and costly air conditioning bills. Even the tourism industry is lashing back. Its profits and labor force having slowly dwindled over the summers as kids must return to school and forgo their economically beneficial vacationing in Georgia. Just look at Six Flags. It is practically a wasteland when summer is brought to its abrupt end!

Of course though, with all controversial matters, disagreement was raised with Cobb County’s Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. A man who justifiably believes that locally elected district administration should have the coveted decision-making power when deciding on this universal start date. And others, such as West Cobb’s Senator Lindsey Tippins, have sharply denounced such a date, noting that it disrupts students’ first semesters, learning hours, and scheduled breaks.

But, the decision must be made. Gooch, Mike Dugan, John Wilkinson, and Jack Hill are the committee members in charge. December 1st is the Day of Judgement. Cobb county students will be crossing their fingers and blowing on metaphorical dandelions until then.